Welcome to the Fortress of Boden and The Red mountain Fort, in Swedish Rödbergsfortet.

The fortress of Boden! Among the most classified and costliest defence investments in Swedish history. This formerly top-secret fortress served as a ”Gibraltar in the north” during two world wars and the cold war. Now you have the opportunity to experience for yourself the mightiest and grandest artillery fort of them all, Rödbergsfortet.

  • Construction commenced in 1901 with a work force of 1,200 men. The fortress has a circumference of 25 km and consists of 1,200 installations.
  • During WWII some 15,000 served in the fortress, chiefly in five forts with fixed artillery.
  • The fortress was also a command centre for Swedish air and land forces in the north. The last fort to be taken out of service was Rödbergsfortet, on 1 Januari 1998.

The most spectacular fort in north Sweden is the Rödbergsfort (Red Mountain Fort), south-west of Boden, south of the Lule river. From central Boden, follow the road signs marked ”Militär historia” (military history) and then ”Rödbergsfortet” and be prepared for a steep and very narrow road up to the top.


The inside of the fortress is shown only with trained guides as one can easily get lost in the many corridors and levels. Even when accompanied by a guide, parents should take special care here to look after their children, because there are many places where one can fall and there is barbed wire etc in the area.

In June 23 the Rödberget fortress opens for daily guided visits until 8 of August. The first guided tour of the day starts at 11:00. The next one at 12:00 etc, until 15:00. The tours last for about 90 minutes. The cost of a tour is SEK 100/adult and SEK 75/children 7-15 years of age.
If you have a large group or any questions – please call: +460702663162, +46921408030 or e-mail rodbergsfortet@rodbergsfortet.com